This is a question that get’s asked a lot..what do you do once you have worn your favourite bikini over and over and it’s no longer fit for purpose? Most people would just chuck it out but we are bringing exciting news to you all!

When shopping for swimwear try your best to invest more in a product which is made from sustainable fabrics. The Tucca Swim collections are made from Econyl®, a regenerated nylon waste made from industrial waste such as carpet fluff and fishnets. This material has an increased resistance to sun cream, UV light and chlorine giving you 3 months of more wear than normal lycra fabrics. And it get’s better..Econyl® and a few other companies are developing new ways to recycle swimwear or even gym wear that is made from recycled fabrics. Our fabrics are already at a stage where they can be recycled, melted back down and remade into new fibres. How exciting!! We are currently working on a future opportunity to explore this further in our collections.