The fashion industry will inevitably will change a lot after this global pandemic. For too long, Fashion has become very unsustainable with not only its competitive nature but how companies over produce and follow seasonal trends.

From the start, the Tucca Swim brand has not followed any traditional conventions of Fashion. When we design collections, we keep the styles and designs limited, although in the industry there is pressure for collections to have a certain amount of styles. Likewise, we continue to sell our SS18 and SS19 Swimwear collections as our prints and designs are timeless. We see the future of fashion after lockdown following in these steps with seasonal trends being forgotten and the end goal for consumers to have capsule cosy collections which they will treasure all year round.

We believe that shopping habits will change, and customers will want to support independent small businesses more than ever and it will be their time to shine. We have seen a drastic increase in sales over the last few weeks and are starting to see more people invest in sustainable products. The new Summer collection ‘Las Olas’ has been very popular, and we are very happy to place another order with our manufacturer and continue to support the UK economy. Many larger retailers have had to cancel their orders, and this has a huge impact on the supply chain.

For the retail world that heavily depends on trade shows, this is a very different year with all major shows across the world being cancelled or postponed. This will have a huge impact on retail as brands depend so heavily on the exposure of these events and likewise retailers depend on picking out new talent.