The key to lasting swimwear is how you look after it and of course how often you wear it! The Eco-Friendly fabrics we use at Tucca Swim are twice as resistant to chlorine, sun cream and UV light than traditional lycra fabrics so we are giving you a head start for your much-loved costumes.

So here is Tucca Swim’s top 3 tips for caring for Swimwear, based on our products too!

1. Rinse with cold water after use

We advise you to always find a shower at the beach or by the pool to rinse off salt water or chlorine. If you stick with this routine as best as you can, the fabric will be a lot happier.

2. Dry flat and away from direct sunlight

This may seem an odd one as we wear swimwear in the sunshine but some colours can fade in strong sun. With our Multiway Bikini style, we advise you to keep the top unknotted when air drying and store it flat with even the tie sides unknotted to keep the elastic in shape. With the Reversible One-Piece do not dry hanging from the straps as when wet this may stretch out the garment – dry flat but do soak as much water as you can out of it.

3. Stay clear of rough surfaces

Rough edges such as a swimming pool edge or rocks can abrade the fabric and make it appear bobbled. Be aware of where you sit as it can ruin the texture of the swimwear. Use a towel to sit on to prevent this.

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