Established in 2018

By sisters Helaina and Chloe Thomas


Embarking on European Summers in the Balearics

From the sun-drenched shores of Mallorca to the azure waters of the Mediterranean, our journey began amidst the timeless beauty of European Summers. As sisters, we found fulfilment and joy in the idyllic landscapes, crystalline seas, and boundless nature of Mallorca. With a desire to evoke the nostalgia and happiness of those cherished moments, we set out to create a brand that epitomised the essence of Summer – and what better way than through swimwear!

The Birth of Tucca: A Story Woven in Childhood Memories

"Tucca" holds a special place in our hearts – it's Helaina's childhood nickname, a symbol of our bond and shared experiences. We invite you to join us in celebrating our journey, to become part of the lifestyle we hold dear.

Innovation in Design: The Multiway Bikini™

Drawing from our backgrounds in Textile Design and Photography, creativity flows through every aspect of our brand. The inception of our signature Multiway Bikini™ stemmed from our desire to reimagine swimwear beyond the conventional. Not content with simple reversibility, we crafted an interchangeable bikini top and bottom, allowing for endless versatility with just one product.

Timeless Collections: Defying Fashion Norms

At Tucca Swim, we believe swimwear transcends seasons and trends. Each year, we unveil a new Summer collection while continuing to offer timeless prints and colourways. Swimwear is not bound by fleeting fashion standards – it is an enduring expression of style and self.

Sustainability at the Core: Partnering with Purpose

We are proud partners with Aquafil, creators of ECONYL® yarn – a 100% regenerated nylon fiber sourced from discarded materials like fishing nets, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic. Sourced from Italy, our fabric boasts enhanced resistance to saltwater, UV light, and chlorine, ensuring longevity that outlasts traditional swimwear fabrics.

Crafted with Care: Close to Home Europe

Our swimwear is meticulously crafted close to home in Europe, supporting our local economy and ensuring ethical manufacturing practices. We collaborate with small teams who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

A Greener Tomorrow: Pioneering Circular Production

Our journey towards sustainability extends beyond materials and manufacturing. We're working tirelessly to create a circular production system, envisioning a future where your used Tucca Swimwear and fabric scraps are recycled infinitely. With each step forward, we're closer to turning this vision into reality.

Join us on our journey as we redefine swimwear with Tucca – where timeless elegance meets sustainable innovation, and every piece tells a story of Summer's past and future adventures.