Like many people, we have not been able to see our parents since early on in the year due to COVID-19 as they live out in Mallorca and travel bans have been in place. With the Summer months approaching we were both watching the news constantly and seeing when would be safe to travel and after many flights were cancelled we managed to book onto a flight early July. Unfortunately, Helaina was not able to join me on this trip but I wanted to share my travel experiences with you all.

Lockdown in Mallorca was and still is a lot stricter than the UK. My parents did not want me to take hand luggage on the plane and instead advised to take hold luggage and I took this advice on board. My flight was very early in the morning so Helaina dropped me off at the airport as airport parking is not open. My flight was operating with Easyjet and they advise you to allow more than 2 hours ahead of your flight if you were taking luggage. It is required to wear a face mask at the airport at all times!

Going through security took a bit longer than normal and picking up those grey trays seemed quite daunting to think how many people touch them. Once the gate number came up boarding was different to normal. They called out groups of seat numbers starting from the back of the plane but it is impossible to social distance on the plane. Once seated, everyone was getting very vocal as they decided to seat us like normal despite being a lot of empty seats on the plane. The flight was half full so they did allow us to spread out after everyone was onboard. I was very lucky to be able to move to an empty row and felt much more relaxed.

Once we landed everyone did the usual get up as fast as you can although they did say to stay seated. As I know Palma airport very well it was very quick to get out. If you are flying to Spain you are required to fill out health forms 48 hours before you travel. Easyjet have a form you can fill out which is also provided on exit of airport but if you want a faster escape then you will need an FCS form which generates a QR code which is scanned and a lot quicker, this is what I did! Here is the link My temperature was taken at Palma airport which was good to see.

Important things to remember

  • You MUST wear a mask at the airport at all times. Of course if you want a drink or to eat something this can be removed. You can purchase a Tucca Swim mask via this link but in advance of your journey!
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you and also gloves if you have some.
  • If you are travelling to Spain you must visit the Spanish Travel Health website and download the required forms, this will vary from country to country.
  • On return of your holiday, you may be required to quarantine for 14 days!