Little did you know that there is a national calendar for most things these days! How could anybody miss out celebrating International Bikini Day! At Tucca Swim we say its bikini day every day as everyone is happier when in a bikini as you’ll either be on holiday or enjoying the warmer weather somewhere around the world.

But seriously, when did International Bikini Day become a thing?

The French Fashion Designer Louis Reard introduced the world to the modern two-piece bikini in July 1946 and ever since each year on July 5th we celebrate and remark his invention! You may be thinking why this a day of celebration but if you think back to how society dressed, a bikini would’ve been very risqué compared to the traditional one-piece style that was adopted.

Tucca Swim is celebrating International Bikini Day as we are on the forefront of swimwear design with our signature multiway bikini which interchanges between a bikini top and bottom!

So, the top 3 things you should do on this day is:

  • Buy a new Tucca Swim bikini
  • Use the code BIKINIDAY at checkout at Tucca Swim to get £10 off your bikini order!
  • Head to the beach and show off your swimwear!